Categorical advice before reading

Categorical advice before reading


Stop! Don’t read it!

Don’t take

a few steps back from the very beginning!

Print out this guidebook!

2 pages per sheet

(as it is written, see the video «Pen, notepad, paper»).

When reading it

on the computer,


mobile phone —

you will have thoughts that

(you kindly

listened to my advice

You will print it out), you

will voluntarily enter it into a

printed (as it should be) guide book.

(as it is written, see the video Pen, notepad, paper).


  1. You will go back,

reread and look for the place

that interested you.

Or make and write down your comments separately,

in another notebook or


And after a certain amount of time has passed,

you will remember,

that you need it and

will look for it

«Where was that?»

  1. This

is a waste of your time, I

ask you to notice this and a loss



sensible comments and

your wishes,

(see the podcast What are Wishes and how to deal with them)

which then,

even with a strong desire, you will

not remember and will

not be able to write them down

(in the right place),

and this —

moving forward

— these are new opportunities,

new ideas.

So take your

time to read,

and first, print out this guide book!

First, the book and applications.

And in the course of reading

(electronic form),

you will

always have a printed one with you, at hand.

And in it,

as you read it, you

will take out


brilliant ideas!

Good luck to you!


can ask any questions you have

I will receive an email and

preferably in Russian,

as well as

your comments,


suggestions: my email inbox

I’m VKontakte

My contacts

I am always ready

for cooperation and I will

definitely answer them

with pleasure.

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